Our range of Bordeaux extends from illustrious First Growth properties to the lesser growths of the 1855 classification.

Our selection of Cru Bourgeois Clarets includes vintages from various Chateaux, a representative selection from our list includes wines of the 2000 and 2002 Vintages.

  • Chateau Lamothe-Cissac, Haut Medoc , Chateau La Gorce, Medoc
  • Château Larose Trintaudon, Haut Medoc Chateau Cissac, Haut-Medoc
  • Château Bernadotte, Haut Medoc Château Poujeaux, Moulis
  • We also have a selection of inexpensive quality wines, College® Claret
    and the Mellor’s® College® Sauvignon.

    The College® Claret, currently of the 2005 Vintage, is produced for us by a Chateau proprietor-Negociant, the Claret is an excellent example of a high quality generic Claret. The Mellor’s College® Sauvignon, Vintage 2008, is produced for us by a grower in Bourg en Blaye and is a much appreciated example of the new style of Bordeaux Sauvignon.