Our Sherries are produced by a Bodega situated in Jerez by a family who are renowned for producing high standard quality Sherries. We offer five distinctive styles which we market under our College® brand.

College® Fino Sherry
A very pale golden Sherry in colour with the distinctive floral nose of the flor, a crisp acceptance to the palate, dry and firm on the finish.

College® Amontillado Sherry
A very good example of an Amontillado Sherry, a dark golden colour with the characteristic Amontillado nose with a nutty firmness on the finish.

College® Pale Cream Sherry
An elegant Pale Cream Sherry, of medium weight a with a clean finish, not overly rich.

College® Rich Cream Sherry
A deep, rich, luscious Sherry wood matured for many years. dark in colour, its richness and weight make it ideal as a dessert wine with cheese or fruit.

College® Oloroso Sherry
A medium sweet Sherry of finesse possessing a special richness and depth, this amber-golden sherry is full-bodied and mellow. It is suitable either as an aperitif or as a dessert wine.